Policy 704 - Motor Vehicle Operators

704. Motor Vehicle Operators


This policy and procedure document addresses the use of vehicles in the conduct of University business and activities. Questions regarding the rules and procedures should be directed to the Associate Vice President for Finance.


Vehicle: any University or privately-owned vehicle used for University related business legally certified or approved to be operated upon a public highway, street, road or freeway.

Employee: any person who is on one of the University payrolls (faculty, staff, student).

Volunteer of Record: a person who is providing services to the University without compensation and is acting at the specific request and direction of a University employee. A volunteer also includes students participating in a program of service to the University or community.

University Business: travel that is conducted with the knowledge and approval of the University for the benefit of the University.

Authorized Driver: an employee or Volunteer of Record authorized to drive a vehicle for University business.

General Rules

University Owned Vehicles

Non-University Owned Vehicles

Private Vehicles
Rented Vehicles


Employees and supervisors are responsible for compliance with policy requirements. The University Site Risk Manager is responsible for maintaining this policy.


Contact the University Finance Office with questions regarding this policy.

Policy Approved: October 23, 1998
Last Updated: October 28, 1998

Maintainer: Human Resources

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