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Academic Technology

Set Video Approval Process

1. 1. Open the desired folder, and select the gear icon from the upper right corner to open the Settings menu (Fig. 1).

Class Recordings folder settings

Figure 1

1. 2. In the folder's Settings window, select the Settings tab in the left hand navigation (Fig. 2). 


Panopto folder settings tab

Figure 2 

1. 3. Scroll down to the Availability section. Underneath Sessions become available, select the radio button labeled When approved by a publisher (Fig. 3). Note: Once this is selected, all existing videos in the folder and any new videos added will be marked as waiting for approval. These videos will not be visible to viewers until approved by the Publisher. 

Panopto video availability

Figure 3

1. 4. After a user is given Publisher permission, they will receive an email notification any time a new video is added to the folder and will be asked to approve or reject it. A folder may have multiple publishers (Fig. 4). Note: All publishers listed on the folder will receive an email notification when a new video is submitted for approval, but only one publisher needs to approve the content to make it available. 

 Panopto video publishers

Figure 4

2. 1.  The Publisher(s) will receive an email when a video is uploaded to the folder (Fig. 5). It will include two links: the first opens the video in the Viewer so you can preview the video. You will notice that the link includes the text Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx. The second link open the submitted video's Settings menu. You will notice that the link  includes the text Pages/Sessions/List.aspx.  Note: For this example, the submitted video is titled History of the Panama Canal

Panopto approval email to publishers

Figure 5

2. 2.  There are two ways to access the Approval options. 

2.2.aFrom the email: Select the second link mentioned in 2.1., which includes the text Pages/Sessions/List.aspx, to open the video's Settings menu to the Overview tab (Fig. 6). 

Panopto approval email click here

Figure 6

2.2.b. From inside the folder: Hover over the video, which will appear with the phrase Waiting for approval on it, and select the Settings button to open the video's Settings menu to the Overview tab  (Fig. 7).

 video waiting for approval

Figure 7 


2. 3.  On the Overview tab of the Settings menu, you will see Approval listed underneath the Session Information section. Select Approve if you approve the submission, or Reject if you need to reject the submission. (Fig. 8).

Click on Approve

Figure 8

2.4. If you accidentally select Approve, you can select the Reject link that will appear underneath the approved date and time stamp (Fig. 9)

 Reject video after approval

Figure 9

2.4.a.  If you decide to reject the session, hit the Reject button and provide a reason for rejecting the video. The video Creator will receive an e-mail notification that includes the reason provided for its rejection (Fig. 10). Note: this email will include links for them to resubmit a video or edit the submitted video, depending on the rejection feedback provided. 

Reason for rejecting video

Figure 10

2. 5. After its approval, the video will no longer show Waiting for approval (Fig. 14). The session is now visible to all viewers. 

 Video approved

 Figure 14

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