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Academic Technology

Digital Content Development

Develop multimedia content to enhance student understanding.

Studies have shown that students learn most when teachers present materials in more than one mode, including text, images, sound and video. If you want to illustrate course concepts in a dynamic way, Academic Technology has some techniques and tools to:

  • inspire creativity and innovation through multimedia assignments 

  • conserve class time for participatory learning activities by delivering course concepts online

  • clearly explain key concepts through augmented lectures with videos, response systems/polling, and images

  • give more personalized feedback using Camino tools

Instructional Technology staff partner with faculty to 

  • Consult on opportunities in courses for multimedia enhancements and planning curriculum innovation

  • Support tools (e.g., iMovie, Camtasia, infographics, GarageBand, and Camino) for their own, and student use

  • Identify existing resources, such as video clips, images, or simulations to illustrate key course concepts

  • Use infographics tools to summarize the course syllabus or visually present complex concepts

  • Use iMovie or Camtasia to create videos and upload them to Camino or YouTube

  • Use audio production tools to create podcasts and share with students

  • Use Camino to present content including video, audio and media feedback

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