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Online/Blended Learning Resources

Faculty Support for Online Courses

Santa Clara University focuses on delivering high-quality learning experiences by supporting faculty who design online courses for the undergraduate summer session and graduate online master's degree programs. This support takes place in the Course Redesign Seminar (CRS), a combination of formal teaching sessions, informal consulting, community events and peer engagement.

Our Online/Blended Learning Specialist, Jeremy Kemp, works with faculty to leverage evidence-based pedagogical methods and principles of Ignatian pedagogy to design, develop, implement, and assess online programs and courses.  Additional partners in the CRS are the Instructional Technology Resource Specialists, Librarians, Media Systems Specialists and graphic production professionals.  These resources support the design of fully online classes as well as online supplements for face-to-face courses.

Faculty often tell us they adopt many of the online pedagogical approaches and tools into their face-to-face courses.

Course Redesign Seminar

All faculty teaching online courses for summer session are asked to take part in the course redesign seminar and receive a stipend for doing so.  Multiple sessions are scheduled throughout the year.

2020 Winter Seminar: Runs the Week of January 13 through the Week ending March 6

2020 Spring Seminar:  Runs the week of April 27 through the Week ending June 12

For the Spring 2020 Seminar:  The 6-week seminar is divided into two parts. For 4 weeks, faculty will work online, participate in discussions, and weekly mentoring sessions. Online activities include content presentations, group and pair exercises, faculty presentataions as they prepare courses, directed discussions and peer assessment of materials from course designs that faculty want to share.

Faculty work independently with active mentoring from the Online/Blended Learning Specialist, a librarian and the Instructional Technology Resource Specialists. Weekly mentoring sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom web conferencing.

Faculty devote the remaining weeks to finishing their course content.  

Course Refresh Workshop

This 6-week workshop is geared for those faculty who have already taught a SCU summer session online course and want to revise and update their course. In a collaborative and productive setting, faculty work with their peers through enriching exercises, practice new tools and techniques for online instruction, review their courses and identify areas for improvement.

2020 Winter Workshop:  4 two-hour sessions -  Runs the Week of January 13 through the Week ending February 14

2020 Spring Workshop:  4 two-hour sessions -  Not being offered.

The workshop is grounded in Backward Design and Design Thinking to help faculty revisit their course, explore new ideas and best practices, gather expert peer feedback, and get support in implementing revisions. This workshop helps veteran online teachers explore new ways to connect with students and recapture the rich onground social experience in a new venue.  

For more information on either the Course Redesign Seminar or the Course Refresh Workshop, please contact Dr. Jeremy Kemp
, (408) 551-1842.


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