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Lisa Fullam
Professor Emerita of Moral Theology

Dr. Fullam joined the faculty in August 2003. As Professor of Moral Theology, she taught courses such as Fundamental Moral Theology, Sexual Ethics, Luther and Ignatius: Conversations Ethics, and Spirituality of Pastoral Ministry, and Issues in Virtue Ethics.

Dr. Fullam's research interests include virtue ethics, Thomas Aquinas, biomedical ethics, Ignatian spirituality, and the relationship of spirituality and ethics.


CE 2008: Sexual Ethics
CE 2056: Fundamental Moral Theology
CE 3625: Ethics and Spirituality of Pastoral Ministry
CE 4565: Virtue Ethics
CE 4567: Virtue and Vice
CERS 2507: Introduction to Biomedical Ethics
CERS 5031: Western Social/Ethical Thought I
CESP 3055: Catholic High School Teaching and Ministry (with Catherine Hennessey, Ph.D. candidate)
RSCE 4872: Issues and Methods in Ethics (with William O'Neill, S.J., Ph.D.)
SPCE 2610: Virtue as Spiritual Practice (with Boswell - GTU)

  • "Juana, SJ: The History (and Future?) of Women in the Society of Jesus"
  • "Curiosity and Skepticism: Virtues for Genomics"

Speaking Engagements

  • "The Body as Property? Medical Ethics and the Ethics of Ownership" at Quincy University
  • "Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust" at Quincy University
  • "Modern Peacemakers" at Quincy University
  • "The Pedophilia Scandal in the Catholic Church" at Quincy University
  • "Ethics of Stem Cell Research" at Quincy University
  • "Faith and Science: What are the Talking Points?" at University of Massachusetts Lowell
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