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ArchivedStrategic Plan, 2013-18

Redefine and Transform Collections

Priority 2: Redefine and Transform Collections

In order to best serve our communities, the library will tailor collections to meet the changing academic environment of greater collaboration, rapid rate of information generation, and the migration to online scholarship. New methods of providing access to collections will expand and enhance research opportunities and highlight SCU's intellectual content and unique materials, both print and online.

Goal 1: Tailor collections and institute new models of acquisition to meet the changing academic environment
  • Objective 1: Fully implement an electronic book demand-driven acquisition (DDA) plan by winter quarter 2014
  • Objective 2: To increase accessibility, continue to migrate appropriate collections to online formats
  • Objective 3: Support SCU's initiatives in online education
Goal 2: Fine-tune our collections to match the current print and online needs of our communities
  • Objective 1: Starting in fall 2014, work with departments to assess each discipline's collection to ensure key works are included and irrelevant materials are eliminated
Goal 3: Make SCU's intellectual content and unique materials freely accessible to the world
  • Objective 1: Identify staff and/or redefine positions to assume primary responsibility for managing the technology and content of SCU's institutional repository, Scholar Commons
  • Objective 2: Work with faculty and academic departments to deposit content into Scholar Commons
  • Objective 3: Encourage participation in Scholar Commons and in Scholarly Communication, the initiative that champions barrier-free academic publishing in order to make the results of scholarly research more widely available
  • Objective 4: Increase and enhance discoverability, awareness and use of SCU's unique and rare collections in Archives & Special Collections