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ArchivedStrategic Plan, 2013-18

Create a Culture of Engagement

Priority 1: Create a Culture of Engagement

Library staff will initiate outreach and conversations to create collaborative and sustainable partnerships. We will anticipate the needs of our communities and exceed their expectations to create a circle of engagement and dialogue.

Goal 1: Determine the needs of our students
  • Objective 1: Create a library student advisory board starting in fall 2013 that will meet on a regular basis
  • Objective 2: Create and implement a personalized librarian program starting in fall 2015
Goal 2: Initiate sustainable partnerships across campus
  • Objective 1: Implement a funded three-day workshop or grant program for faculty to incorporate information literacy into their courses by 2015
  • Objective 2: Partner with key departments and organizations on campus to increase the library's visibility
Goal 3: Establish a comprehensive and consistent marketing, advertising, and communication program
  • Objective 1: Identify staff and/or redefine a position to assume responsibility for creation and distribution of marketing and advertising materials
  • Objective 2: Librarians communicate at regular or designated intervals with the student, faculty, and staff groups they support