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Strategic Plan, 2013-18

Archived Strategic Plan, 2013-18

Message from the University Librarian

This is a time of great change and transition for higher education and academic libraries. We must constantly re-evaluate our environment and position ourselves to meet both the existing and future needs of the University and the larger community. The University Library's new strategic plan provides a clear path for the library's activities over the next five years. Focusing on five broad priority areas, the strategic plan emphasizes the needs of our communities and focuses on building engagement and partnerships.

Strategic Priorities:

  1. Create a culture of engagement
  2. Redefine and transform collections
  3. Develop a staff for the 21st century library
  4. Cultivate dynamic learning environments
  5. Cultivate a climate of assessment

The first of our five priorities focuses on engaging with our communities, which include not only the students, faculty, and staff of Santa Clara University, but also the larger community within the region and beyond. Our second priority identifies the shift in how we acquire and make accessible our collections, including the unique resources of Santa Clara University. In order to put our plan into action, priority three focuses on providing our library staff with the training and resources to learn new skills. With the increasing usage of both our physical and virtual learning environments, priority four articulates how we will meet the changing needs of our communities. Finally, in order to know how well we're meeting the needs of our communities, priority five describes a plan for implementing a comprehensive assessment program.

The creation of the new strategic plan is the result of a comprehensive process that began with a committee consisting of seven library staff members in November 2012. Additionally, a student and faculty representative were sought to help create the plan. Feedback from the entire library staff and through faculty and student focus groups helped refine each priority. Our strategic plan complements the University's mission to build an academic community that educates leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion and that cultivates knowledge and faith to build a more humane, just, and sustainable world.

Jennifer Nutefall
University Librarian

Thank you to the 2012-13 Strategic Planning Committee members:

  • Diane Hildebrand, Facilitator/Organization Development Specialist, HR
  • Christa Bailey, Information Specialist Technology Support
  • Nicole Johnson, Student representative
  • David Jones, Library Systems Manager
  • Erin Louthen, University Archivist
  • Elizabeth McKeigue, Associate University Librarian for Public Services
  • Jennifer Nutefall, University Librarian 
  • Amy Randall, Faculty representative/Associate Professor, History Department
  • Michal Strutin, Science Librarian
  • Deborah Whiteman, Head of Archives & Special Collections