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Strategic Plan, 2021-24

Build and Sustain Distinctive Collaborations and Partnerships

Priority 5: Build and Sustain Distinctive Collaborations and Partnerships

In order to leverage the library’s role as a social justice partner, we will build inclusive models of collaboration that include partnerships across campus departments, the outside community, and the broader profession.

Goal 1: Identify and explore strategic opportunities for collaboration with other campus units.
  • Objective 1: Determine the kinds of projects/issues the library will prioritize for the next three years
  • Objective 2: Seek out collaborations with campus partners on projects reflecting our commitment to social justice
  • Objective 3: Build upon the library’s relationship with Faculty Development to explore and develop information literacy learning goals across campus
  • Objective 4: Increase library staff's participation on campus-wide committees and task forces
Goal 2: Increase our active engagement with the community around SCU and to the library profession.
  • Objective 1: Formalize our approach to engaging with the broader community
  • Objective 2: Engage with the community to investigate opportunities for participation in community activities, programs or initiatives
  • Objective 3: Increase our impact on the library profession by designing and hosting events and implementing collaborative projects with other libraries