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Department ofModern Languages and Literatures

Mandatory Language Placement Process Core 2nd Language Requirement

The Department of Modern Languages & Literatures’ rigorous, high-quality programs deeply rooted in our Jesuit values and in the principles of the liberal arts experience, offer students unique learning experiences both in and out of the classroom, which enrich their personal lives, help them discern a future career path, and prepare them to compete locally and globally for a wide variety of careers. Our faculty of professional language educators and scholars integrates the teaching of language and culture throughout our curricula in order to enable students to communicate effectively across cultures, appreciate cultural diversity, and to identify and analyze problems across cultural and national boundaries.

Students can major or minor in French and Francophone studies, Italian studies, and Spanish studies or minor in Japanese studies. Interdisciplinary minors blend language studies, especially Arabic, Chinese, or German, with other areas. (e.g. Arabic, Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies, Asian Studies, International Business minor) or an Individual Studies Major allows students to design their own path. The Core Second Language requirement ensures that SCU students can demonstrate linguistic and cultural proficiency in a language other than English. 

Start your journey into the world of languages now with the language placement process.


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    What students have to say ...

    "Language is a “bridge” that brings different cultures together. My heritage language is Arabic, and getting the chance to learn this language at SCU has meant so much to me and my family. I am now able to converse with my grandparents, which has connected me to my culture and my family on a deeper level. Learning Arabic at SCU also gives you the opportunity to learn more about the history, culture, and food of the Middle East, which provides a holistic understanding of the language and Arab traditions."

    Elena Shaheen '22


    Student News

      Gloria Sevilla ‘20 Francisco Jiménez Scholar Prize Winner Update

      Gloria found her way at SCU and is heading to graduate school.

      Collage of four students, Terrell Smith, Blair Huxman, Ally Cepukenas, and Liam Abbate
      SCU Students in the Teaching Assistant Program in France

      Four graduating seniors to utilize French skills learned at SCU.

      Fulbright Recipient - Armand Aibara ‘21

      Armand Aibara ‘21, German Studies and Political Science major, received a Fulbright Award to serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Germany.

        Faculty News

          “A Piece of Me Was Taken Away”

          Carolina Valdivia’s talk on the impact of immigration on undocumented students and their families hosted by Prof. Alberto Ribas-Casayas

            New Student Ambassador Program

            Become a Student Ambassador for the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures!

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