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Below, students will find resources from the Office of Student Life, which are meant to provide support and guidance to our students.

Judicial fines must be paid by cash or check and should be brought directly to our office, Benson 205. Regular hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.

  • Culture of CARE: The Office of Student Life supports students through challenges by helping them find the resources to build resilience and overcome obstacles.

  • Faculty Notification: When a student is unable to contact professors about an absence due to hospitalization, incapacitation, or a family crisis, they may contact the Office of Student Life to have their faculty members notified. The student will be included in the notification and is responsible for following up with each professor regarding the missed class time as soon as the student can do so.

  • Food Insecurity Program: If a student does not have reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable, nutritious food, please request support through the Office of Student Life. Support can be requested directly by the individual or others on behalf of the student.

  • Off Campus Living: The Off Campus Living Office supports students in their transition to off campus living including assistance in finding housing and managing off campus living responsibilities.

Letters of Recommendation

The Office of Student Life works with the Office of the Registrar to provide letters of recommendation to students applying you law and graduate schools, for bar referrals, for study abroad programs, and for students considering transferring to other colleges and universities. Included on this page is Santa Clara's Judicial Records Policy which explains what is retained and the length of time for retention.

  • Transfer Recommendations: You begin with the Office of the Registrar, by requesting transcripts for each of the schools to which you are applying. Be sure to sign the form giving the university permission to share your information. The Office of the Registrar will generate the transcripts and the transfer form and send it over to the Office of Student Life. OSL will report on any disciplinary issues, generate a letter to go with the transcript and form and mail and/or fax the information to the requested schools.

  • Law and Graduate School Recommendations: You may request the transcripts to be mailed directly to the schools you are applying for and deliver the schools' forms to the Office of Student Life. The forms will be completed, along with a letter and mailed and/or faxed to the schools.

Study Abroad Forms

Start first with the Study Abroad Office.  The Study Abroad Office works closely with the Office to Student Life to collect the information required for your application.  If you have a form for a program not connected with Santa Clara, you may bring it to the Office of Student Life and we will complete and mail the form for you.

Law Board Examiners and Federal Background Checks

If you attended and/or graduated from Santa Clara University after 1989, please send the form to the Office of Student Life.  If you attended and/or graduated for Santa Clara University prior to 1989, please direct the forms to the Office of the Registrar to research.


National and local social fraternities and sororities, specifically those organizations affiliated with the North-American Interfraternity Conference (formerly known as the National Interfraternity Conference), and National Panhellenic Conference are not permitted at Santa Clara University.  Santa Clara University is not affiliated with, nor does the University recognize, such organizations even if Santa Clara University students are members of those organizations.   

Statement Regarding Passage of California Proposition 64 (Passed Nov. 11, 2016; Effective Jan 1, 2018)

On November 8, 2016, voters in California passed Proposition 64, thereby allowing persons who are 21 and older to possess, transport, and buy up to 28.5 grams of cannabis and use it for recreational purposes.  The Bureau of Cannabis Control is the state agency responsible for regulating and licensing cannabis sales.


Statement Regarding Passage of California Proposition 64