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Student Life


Our work with students is purposeful.  Our interactions with students are intended to foster their independence as young adults.  In place of resolving issues on a student’s behalf, the staff in the Office of Student Life (OSL) provide support and guidance for students.  We are attentive to advocating for students and involving them in the process at hand.  At times we do this in partnership with parents and we are available to parents to address questions and concerns.

Here are some links to SCU sites that may be helpful.

When a student is unable to contact professors about an absence due to hospitalization or incapicitation, or a family crisis, he/she may contact the Office of Student Life to have his/her faculty members notified.  The student will be included in the notification and is responsible for following up with each professor regarding the missed class time as soon as the student can do so.

National and local social fraternities and sororities, specifically those organizations affiliated with the North-American Interfraternity Conference (formerly known as the National Interfraternity Conference), and National Panhellenic Conference are not permitted at Santa Clara University.  Santa Clara University is not affiliated with, nor does the University recognize, such organizations even if Santa Clara University students are members of those organizations.