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Department ofTheatre and Dance

Charisma 2018

Faculty Advisor: Kristin Kosanovich

Directed by Lee Harrold

Fess Parker Studio Theatre

January 18–20, 2018

This dynamic, devised performance piece is utterly different every year and features student-generated scenes, movement, songs and monologues that explore the tensions between art and spirituality.


A Note from the Director

Empathy is difficult to quantify and nigh on impossible to appraise. How do you tell whether a pat on the back is worth the opportunity cost? Why bother reaching out when you could reach up? A cost/benefit analysis would confirm that to work alone and follow a code of honor sacred to and made by you far outweighs the benefit of a team. Remember that collaboration stands on experimentation and experiments often fail. This show is about the experiment, the discovery, and the ultimate let down of individuality. We met as people reluctant to define or make presumptions about spirituality; through vulnerability and community we embraced spirituality.