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Department ofTheatre and Dance

Spring Dance Festival 2018

Faculty Advisor: Claire Calalo

Fess Parker Studio Theatre

April 14–15, 2018

Dance emphasis majors are mentored in the process of creating original, evening-length recitals. This year's Spring Dance Festival in the Fess Parker Studio Theatre will showcase the work of Sabrina Gouveia and Madison Schiffman.

Choreographer, Sabrina Gouveia


Choreographer's artistic statement

I create art to keep my soul healthy. Just as we need to eat well to stay in good biological health, I dance to stay energized and alive. I crave choreographing as a way of articulating thoughts, producing new and unique language through movement and stillness, continually extending my comfort limits and creative boundaries. I need to perform to connect with others emotionally through an interpretive, artistic medium. This recital abstractly illustrates the power of a photo album in revealing a person’s identity through movement. Thus, I hope you are also able to confront your own past to see your true identity.


Choreographer, Madison Schiffman