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Department ofTheatre and Dance


love_stories love manifesting in the digital age

Written by Christian Wilburn

Devised by The Company

Guest director Mauricio Salgado

Fess Parker Studio Theatre

May 10–18, 2019


love_stories by Christian Wilburn ‘19 is a world premiere play, that explores the way love manifests in the age of social media. Inspired by stories collected from members of the Santa Clara Community love_stories examines the intricacies, rituals and social norms of digital age dating. Modern technology has revolutionized the way we fall in love. What has changed? What has stayed the same? What will always stay the same?

 Playwright's note

When I was tasked to write love_stories I had never been in love. And the reason I did such a silly thing is because this play rose out of confusion. Not just my own, but a collective confusion. It was a time in my life I remember everyone around me feeling sad, and uncertain. Not just about the classic questions (will I ever find love? etc.), although admittedly there was a lot of that. But uncertainty about the mechanics: What does it mean to date? To be in a relationship? To be in love? So, in truth, I decided to write this play because I didn’t know what I was doing. And I was wondering how widespread a phenomenon that was. Apparently, we are the loneliest generation. That’s what all the articles say anyway. And I am inclined to believe them. I know a lot of very young, very lonely people. So, what does it mean to capture that experience? I knew that I could write something relatable. Something that can help connect us in this time of loneliness. What does it mean to love in the “loneliest generation?” On this campus. At this time. That is the question this play seeks to answer. And perhaps, in the attempt, it can help us feel just a little less lonely...