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Department ofTheatre and Dance

Images 2022

Directed by Pauline Locsin-Kanter

Louis B. Mayer Theatre

February 3-6, 2022 Dance film screened in March 2022

A dance film was created by Leandro Glory Damasco, Jr. from the dress rehearsal of the performance and later streamed online.

From the sensational to the serene, our annual Images dance concert features faculty, guest artists, and select student work. Images showcases our dancers' overwhelming talent, displayed across genres - from jazz and tap to modern and hip hop. Intriguing collaborations with costume and lighting designers as well as diverse music round out this breathtaking evening in the Mayer Theatre.

Guest choreographers: Leandro Glory Damasco Jr. and Kara Wilkes


Onstage shot of 4 modern dancers on the ground and one standing