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Artists Drawing Down

Spotlighting creative projects and artists whose work intersects with climate action and awareness


  • The logo for Musicians for Climate, a circle with silhouettes of animals and two people playing instruments
    Musicians for Climate

    Musicians for Climate (MFC) is an initiative to focus attention on environmentalist music, and its makers.


How Musicians are Taking Action on Climate Change | NOW Magazine

“Artists like The Weather Station and Ansley Simpson are using their platforms to inspire change on an issue that's just getting more urgent.” Author: Michael Rancic, published March 6, 2019


Podcast: Coping with Climate Through Music | Climate One

In this podcast, singer and songwriter Tamara Lindeman (The Weather Station) talks about how her work reflects both the personal emotions and systemic issues involved in the climate crisis. We also hear from editor Jayson Greene about his observations from studying over 20 hours of music with climate themes. [52:50]


  • Dancer Camille Hanson poses on elevated ground overlooking a vast landscape with her arms in the air and back arched with the wind
    Dancers Creating Environmentally: Camille Hanson

    Hanson’s projects in collaboration with visual artist Juan Carlos Arévalo “propose to break down assumptions of ‘why & where’ art happens in an attempt to expand our sense of empathy, responsibility and environmental awareness.”


These Choreographers are Using Dance to Fight for Climate Action | Dance Magazine

“Choreographers may be able to influence climate action in unexpected ways. The physical, interpersonal nature of dance has the unique ability to transform people's understanding of the world around them. Movement can lay the foundation for a sense of connection with the earth.” Author: Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone, published July 23, 2018 


Climate Change Theatre Action Project

Over 40 playwrights and more than 90 events in 20 countries. This series of readings and performances hosted worldwide was “intended to bring awareness to, and foster discussion around, climate change.” It was held during November and December 2015 “in support of the United Nations 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21).”


Theatre of the Oppressed: Challenging Top-Down Approaches to Climate Change | Climate & Development Knowledge Network

“Solutions” to climate change have historically been delivered with a top-down strategy, which often overlooks “the needs, aspirations, and realities of people on the ground, especially those with little influence over decision making. Theatre of the Oppressed is a powerful tool for challenging this top-down approach. Developed by Brazilian activist Augusto Boal, this mode of participatory theatre creates supportive environments where people from diverse backgrounds come together to experience, understand, analyse, and challenge unjust realities.”


Setting the Stage for Climate Change: Place | The Theatre Times

This article outlines the carbon footprint of theatre, discussing the difficulty of reconciling artistic practices with sustainable ones. “What efforts are being made onstage to explore climate change? How does green practice in the conditions of production interact with representation onstage?” Author: Eleanor Warr, published February 25, 2019


In Miami, How Art Intersects with Technology and Climate Change | KQED

“In Miami’s famed mural district, Wynwood, a combination of art and technology is raising awareness about the threats of climate change.” Published May 29, 2019, video with transcript [06:44]


“No place for self-pity, no room for fear
In times of dread, artists must never choose to remain silent.”
– Toni Morrison, read full article
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