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Capitalism, Colonialism, Imperialism, and Other “isms”

Critical analyses of unchecked, unregulated capitalism, the persistent assumptions of imperialism and colonialism, and alternative structures and possibilities


Protecting the Planet Requires Ending U.S. Imperialism | them

“The fights against climate disaster and U.S. imperialism are interdependent: while opposing militarism reduces emissions and preserves biodiversity, moving away from an extractive relationship with our biosphere weakens imperialism’s hold on the earth.” Author: Xoài Pham, published November 9, 2021


Yes, Colonialism Caused Climate Change, IPCC Reports | Atmos

In the sixth report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, colonialism was named for the first time “as a historical and ongoing driver of the climate crisis.” Atmos explores the significance of this statement. Author: Yessenia Funes, published April 4, 2022


Rich Countries’ Climate Policies Are Colonialism in Green | Foreign Policy

“Pursuing climate ambitions on the backs of the poorest people in the world is not just hypocritical—it is immoral, unjust, and green colonialism at its worst.” This article argues that fighting the climate crisis requires wealthy nations to invest in poor countries, not suppress their development. Author: Vijaya Ramachandran, published November 3, 2021


Colonialism, the Climate Crisis, and the Need to Center Indigenous Voices | Environmental Health News

“We need to contend with the root causes of climate change and environmental degradation: colonialism and capitalism. These systems originally meant to kill and dispossess Indigenous people have directly harmed the environments shaped by their stewardship.” Authors: Deniss Martinez and Ans Irfan, published November 4, 2021


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