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Eco-Anxiety & Eco-Grief

Insights on coping, grieving, and moving forward when climate consciousness impacts our mental health


Climate and Mind

Climate and Mind explores “the relationship between climate disruption, human behavior & human experience.” With perspectives from psychology, social work, public health, and more, it seeks to “to help improve understanding and discussion about how humans cope with climate change and other ecological crises.”


  • An orange moon in a light blue circle with the words, GOOD GRIEF NETWORK, written in a navy blue outer circle
    Good Grief Network

    This peer-to-peer support group works through a 10-step program to help individuals lean into painful feelings and reorient themselves toward meaningful action.

If You’re Suffering from Climate Grief, You’re Not Alone | Grist

"Now that we know the truth about our gigantic climate problem, how should we process it?" Author: Eric Holthaus, published October 15, 2018


How to Cope with Eco-Anxiety | Friends of the Earth

“With multiple councils and governments declaring a climate emergency, the worsening environmental situation can often feel overwhelming. Psychotherapist and lecturer Caroline Hickman discusses the phenomenon of 'eco anxiety' and what to do about it.” Published January 28, 2020


The Six Stages Of Climate Grief | OtherWords

“I have discovered a new sixth stage, beyond acceptance of the truly depressing climate science: doing the work.” Author Daphne Wysham gives a brief summary of the six stages of grief and how they apply to processing the climate crisis. Published September 3, 2012


  • Psychologist and economist Per Espen Stokes speaks on stage at the TED Conference
    Video: How to Transform Apocalypse Fatigue into Action on Global Warming | TED

    Psychologist and economist Per Espen Stokes studies “the defenses we use to avoid thinking about the demise of our planet” and seeks “a new way of talking about global warming that keeps us from shutting down. Step away from the doomsday narratives and learn how to make caring for the earth feel personable, do-able and empowering with this fun, informative talk.” [15:00]

  • Psychologist Renée Lertzman speaks on stage at the TED Women conference
    Video: How to Turn Climate Anxiety into Action | TED

    “Psychologist Renée Lertzman discusses the emotional effects of climate change and offers insights on how psychology can help us discover both the creativity and resilience needed to act on environmental issues.” [13:48]

Podcast: Zen and Coping with Climate | Climate One

Host Greg Dalton interviews Sister True Dedication who shares how mindfulness and a sense of our interconnectedness can heal and empower us in the face of the climate crisis. In the second part, psychotherapist Leslie Davenport discusses how both young people and adults process climate disruption. [51:33]

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