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Fossil Fuel Foul Play

Resources on the dirty role that the fossil fuel industry plays in feeding the climate crisis


Fossil Fuels are a Threat to Civilization, New U.N. Report Concludes | The Intercept

“​​Unlike the Paris Agreement — which never mentions fossil fuels — this new IPCC report makes it painfully obvious that avoiding that fate and meeting the Paris goals also relies largely on two things: scaling up zero-carbon energy sources and rapidly phasing coal, oil, and gas out of the world’s economies.” Author: Kate Aronoff, published October 9, 2018


What Oil Companies Knew About Climate Change And When: A Timeline | The Climate Docket

“Oil companies are facing an increasing number of lawsuits that aim to hold them responsible for the impacts of climate change. What the companies knew about their contributions to global warming will answer some key legal questions, including whether they have sold products while knowing they would cause public harm.” Author: Ucilia Wang, published April 5, 2018


How The Oil Industry Made Us Doubt Climate Change | BBC

“As climate change becomes a focus of the US election, energy companies stand accused of trying to downplay their contribution to global warming.” This report gives a historic lesson on the manipulative tactics used by corrupt industries, such as tobacco and oil, to cloud the minds of the public. Author: Phoebe Keane, published September 20, 2020


Two-Faced Exxon: The Misinformation Campaign Against its Own Scientists | The Guardian

“100% global warming consensus in Exxon scientists’ research contrasted its $31m campaign to cast doubt on that consensus.” Author: Dana Nuccitelli, published November 25, 2015


Unused Tools: How Central Banks are Fueling the Climate Crisis | Oil Change International

This report finds that central banks “have the tools to catalyze and accelerate the end of financing for fossil fuels,” but are not using them. The 12 major central banks assessed (including the central banks of Canada, China, the EU, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, the UK, and the US) are sitting on the sidelines and boosting fossil fuels while deadly climate impacts intensify. Published August 2021


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