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Girls & Women: Be/Cause

Both a frontline community and a drawdown solution: women and girls bear more climate burdens, but their education and leadership can turn things around


  • The words, UN WOMEN, written in blue next to a female gender sign with a globe in the center
    Climate Action by, and for, Women | UN Women

    “Building a sustainable future entails harnessing the knowledge, skills and leadership of women in climate action.” UN Women provides an overview of why climate change is a women’s issue, along with stories about women leading the effort towards climate resilience and gender empowerment.

  • An olive-colored letter A and the words, THE ALL WE CAN SAVE PROJECT, written in curved text around it
    The All We Can Save Project

    The All We Can Save Project’s mission is to nurture “a welcoming, connected, and leaderful climate community, rooted in the work and wisdom of women, to grow a life-giving future.”


Women and Climate Change | Georgetown Institute For Women, Peace & Security

This detailed report “not only identifies how women are strained differentially and severely by the effects of climate change, but also how women have, continue to, and could serve as agents of mitigation and adaptation.” Authors: Mayesha Alam, Rukmani Bhatia, and Briana Mawby, published 2015


How Greta Thunberg, AOC and 10 Women Entrepreneurs Are Battling Climate Change | The Story Exchange

“From big-name activists to lesser-known startup entrepreneurs, here is a list of business and socially minded women who want to make their opinions heard.” Author: Kristen Wong, published August 2, 2019


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