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Happenings: Where to tUrn Up

Events to attend to further your involvement in climate action


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    Events Calendar | Global Climate Change Alliance+

    The Global Climate Change Alliance+ is an initiative funded by the European Union that seeks to help the most vulnerable countries address climate change and build resilience. Check out their calendar of climate actions & conferences happening around the world.

2021 Global Conference on Health and Climate Change | World Health Organization

The aim of this conference is to “call on governments, businesses, institutions and financial actors to drive a green, healthy and resilient recovery from COVID-19.” November 6-7, 2021 in Glasgow, UK


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    Soil Not Oil Conference

    “Soil Not Oil is an educational event in which attendees learn about root causes and effects of climate instability as well as solutions that can lead us towards climate stability.”

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    tUrn Week | Santa Clara University

    SCU’s tUrn Project centers conversations about the climate crisis for one week in October and April every year, by hosting a series of talks from diverse speakers around the world. Lean into the climate crisis—because it is time, and we must. To connect with SCU’s tUrn Project, and create your own tUrn events, contact

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