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Island Nations

Frontline communities experience colonization, sea-level rise, resource extraction and tourism as threats to environmental, social and cultural well-being


Samoan Climate Activist at COP26 Says Her Country 'Won't Be the Last' to Drown | CBC

Carol Off interviews Brianna Fruean about her experience as a Pacific Island climate activist and her messages to world leaders. Published November 2, 2021


  • Youth climate warrior Selina Leem speaks at a podium with strings of yellow lights behind her
    Video: Climate Change Isn't a Distant Threat – It's Our Reality | TED

    “Adaptation and Indigenous knowledge are the solutions. These islands are our ancestors, our predecessors, our homes. We are at the risk of losing all of that for something we contributed very, very little to.” Youth climate warrior Selina Leem reads one of her poems and shares her perspective from growing up on Aelon Kein Ad, the Marshall Islands. [06:11]

Small Island Nations Caught Between Tourism Economy, Climate Change | Hawai’i Public Radio

Many small island nations face the dilemma of responding to the impacts of climate change, while also relying on tourism for economic survival, which in turn furthers environmental harm. Author: Mallika Sen, published September 27, 2021


Pacific Island Nations Are Bringing Their Climate Justice Fight to the World's Highest Court | TIME

The island nation of Vanuatu, along with support from over a dozen countries and territories in the Pacific, is trying “to get the world’s highest court to issue a legal statement, or an advisory opinion, on climate change.” Author: Amy Gunia, published July 18, 2022

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