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Explore the nuances at the intersection between climate change and migration


Why the Climate Migrant Narrative is Problematic | USC Global Policy Institute

“Although those who tout the inflated migration statistics often mean well and reference them as a rallying cry to push for stronger action against climate change, this rhetoric will adversely impact migrants in the long run. Anti-immigrant governments can frame climate migration as a security threat and use this narrative as a vehicle for xenophobic policies.” Author: Lan Duong, published November 8, 2021


  • Natalie Haas speaks on stage at a TED event
    Video: Changing the Discourse on Environmental Migration | TEDx

    Natalie Haas critiques narratives around climate-related migration and advocates for proactive policies that also recognize the dignity and benefits of migrants. “There is a threat to people living in fragile areas of being forcibly displaced because of climate change—and not one to developed countries because of migrants.” [16:46]

  • Disaster recovery lawyer and Louisiana native Colette Pichon Battle speaks on stage
    Video: Climate Change Will Displace Millions. Here’s How We Prepare | TED

    In this passionate, lyrical talk, Colette Pichon Battle “urges us to radically restructure the economic and social systems that are driving climate migration—and caused it in the first place—and shares how we can cultivate collective resilience, better prepare before disaster strikes and advance human rights for all.” [12:38]

The Climate Crisis, Migration, and Refugees | Brookings

“As gradually worsening climate patterns and, even more so, severe weather events, prompt an increase in human mobility, people who choose to move will do so with little legal protection.” This policy brief calls for a stronger system of legal recourse to support climate migrants, particularly those from South Asia, Central America, Northwest Africa, and the Horn of Africa.

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