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Nope, Earth Isn't Cooling

An introductory chapter about the scope & physics of global warming


Resources | NASA Climate

Explore additional modules, graphics and links that relate to the atmosphere, the carbon cycle, global warming, and more, including “a real-time data visualization of NASA’s Earth-orbiting satellites and the data they collect about climate change."


Global Warming Demystified – A Primer (Written Version)

Physicist and author Jeffrey Bennett outlines the basic science behind global warming in this approachable overview. “Is global warming real or imagined? Although the news media make this sound like a difficult and contentious question, the basic science is actually quite easy to understand. So for anyone who wonders what to believe, this primer should help you understand the truth behind the headlines.”



Sea Level Rise in Bay Area is Going to Be Much More Destructive Than We Think, Says USGS Study

“A new study from the U.S. Geological Survey says the predicted damage from sea level rise in California triples once tides, storms and erosion are taken into account.” Author: Raquel Maria Dillon, published Mar 13, 2019


New US Geological Survey-led Research Helps California Coastal Managers Prioritize Planning and Mitigation Efforts Due to Rising Seas and Storms | USGS

“New U.S. Geological Survey-led coastal modeling research presents state, federal, and commercial entities with varying storm and sea level-rise scenarios to assist with planning for future infrastructure and mitigation needs along the California coast.” Published March 13, 2019


When Heat Waves Meet Air Pollution, Death Risks Rise Substantially | Scientific American

“Rising temperatures and more frequent wildfires are taking a grim toll on human health.” Author: Andres Picon, published July 13, 2022


Heat Waves Bring Record-Breaking Temperatures on a Geological Scale | TechCrunch

“From Alaska to Europe, the world has spent the past few weeks roasting under temperatures never before seen in recorded history.” Author: Jonathan Shieber, published July 5, 2019


European Heat Wave Shatters June Records in 8 Nations; France Set a New All-Time Record High | The Weather Channel

“All-time record highs for June have been topped in eight European nations; France set a new all-time record high for any month.” Published June 30, 2019


We Broke Down What Climate Change Will Do, Region by Region | Grist

Grist uses information from the National Climate Assessment to reveal how U.S regions will need to adapt to new climates and modes of living. Published November 29, 2018

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