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Parenting in the Climate Crisis

Conversations about raising children and the decision to be a parent in a time of climate change


Environmental Justice is Reproductive Justice and Reproductive Justice is Environmental Justice | Planned Parenthood

How do environmental and reproductive justice intersect? Author Annika Fuller summarizes and provides examples of how each of these movements “are intertwined and cannot be realized without the other.” Published July 1, 2020


Podcast: Should We Have Children in a Climate Emergency? | Climate One

The first half of this podcast is an interview with Daniel Sherrell, an author and climate activist who speaks about his experience growing up aware of climate change and about his book written to his possible future child. In the second half, we hear from Irène P. Matthieu, Virginie Le Masson, and Seb Gould, each at different points in the decision of whether or not to have biological children in the face of the climate crisis. [57:28]


Parenting in the Climate Crisis | Medium

Author Ivery del Campo writes from the perspective of a mother about the challenge of balancing everyday parenting concerns with the existential threat of the climate crisis. The article argues for one step parents can take to speed up climate action: “talk about it.” Published July 29, 2021


Climate Change is Here. These 6 Tips Can Help You Talk to Your Kids About It. | NPR

“These six tips form a guide to parenting through a slow-motion emergency.” Author: Anya Kamenetz, published April 22, 2022


Your Guide to Talking With Kids of All Ages About Climate Change | NRDC

“Tips for discussing the basic facts, answering tough questions, and helping your kids cope with climate anxiety—even when you, too, are feeling overwhelmed.” Author: Laura Shinn, published December 31, 2019


Bad Future, Better Future | New York Times

This interactive resource reads like a children’s book and was made as “a guide for kids, and everyone else, about climate change—and what we can do about it.” Author: Julia Rosen, illustrated by Yuliya Parshina-Kottas, published April 18, 2021

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