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A black circle with the word turn with a red letter U next to the words tUrn Climate Crisis Awareness & Action

Plug In to Climate Action

Downloadable apps and programs to mobilize daily for climate solutions


  • The words, CLIMATE ACTION NOW, with a blue earth circled by a green leaf in the O
    Climate Action Now

    Your daily dose of “what to do.” Take easy, fast, and impactful climate actions like contacting elected officials, emailing CEOs, or tweeting at celebrities to step up. Every action earns points toward a tree to be planted on your behalf.

  • A red rounded square with a cartoon illustration of a frowning bald man with a mustache
    Cranky Uncle – The App

    To explain why and how some people reject scientific evidence, scientist and cartoonist John Cook created the character Cranky Uncle. “In this game, Cranky Uncle teaches you the rhetorical techniques and logical fallacies he uses to deny science… The deeper you get into the game, the more resilient you become against misinformation.”

  • The word, ECOSIA, with the earth outlined in an orange circle as the O

    Ecosia plants trees while you search the web. Use Ecosia as your new browser on your phone or computer so that every search can help plant trees. 1 search = 1kg of CO2 removed.

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