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Queering Climate Justice

Exploring the disproportionate climate impacts on—and climate leadership of—the LGBTQ2S+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Two-Spirit) community


6 LGBTQ+ Climate Organizations Leading The Way | Climate Reality Project

Learn about and get connected to organizations working at the intersections of LGBTQ2S+ and climate justice. Published June 11, 2021


Why Queer Liberation Is an Environmental Justice Issue | EarthJustice

“Once we stop seeing these fights for humanity as separate, we open ourselves up to the possibility of learning from each other in deeper ways.” Author: Lisa Pradhan, published June 11, 2021


What the Queer Community Brings to the Fight for Climate Justice | Grist

“Queer and trans people are on the frontlines, and their wisdom is essential to a growing, diverse movement.” Authors: Aletta Brady, Anthony Torres, & Phillip Brown, published April 9, 2019


The Next Generation of Climate Activists Is Queer | them

“Looking to our local queer organizers, local organizers of color, local disabled organizers, and others for leadership on this issue will be the way to participate and support their work without the hubris of trying to reinvent the wheel on this issue. The work is being done already by the most vulnerable among us, and I’m going to look to them for how to take action to ensure our ability to live and thrive on this planet.” Author: Eve Ettinger, published November 2, 2021


Podcast: Climate Justice and Queer and Trans Liberation | Our Climate Voices

“This episode brings together five queer and trans climate justice organizers to talk about how struggles for queer and trans liberation connect with fights for climate justice.” [1:30:33] 

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