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Five people standing outdoors smiling, posing for the photo.

Five people standing outdoors smiling, posing for the photo.

Accounting Association Participates in the Faculty Hiring Process

For the first time, the SCU Accounting Department invited student leaders of SCUAA to participate in the interview process for a tenure-track assistant professor.

When the SCU Accounting Department began interviewing faculty candidates for a tenure-track assistant professor position, they invited the student leaders of the SCU Accounting Association (SCUAA) to participate in the process. This is the first time the SCUAA officers have participated in the interview process and student leaders were included due to the high level of student/faculty interaction within the Accounting Department. In October 2020, SCUAA officers interviewed four candidates that the Department had selected for final round interviews, assessing their teaching strategies and overall fit within the LSB, and discussed their impressions of the candidates at an Accounting Department faculty meeting. The department successfully concluded the search in November with Stacey Ritter (doctoral student at the University of Southern California) accepting our offer to join the SCU faculty in September 2021. Stacey has professional experience in audit and consulting at Deloitte, internal audit at Raytheon, and special projects for the Provost Office at the University of Cincinnati. She is a licensed Certified Public Accountant with a master’s degree in Accounting from The University of Texas at Austin.