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CAAP News 2022

The Certificate of Advanced Accounting Proficiency (CAAP) program continues to be one of the most time-effective and affordable accounting programs in the country.
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In June 2022 the CAAP (Certificate of Advanced Accounting Proficiency) program welcomed Taylor Ganti in her new role of managing the program.  Taylor comes to Santa Clara University all the way from Boston, Massachusetts. Before this role she was a Program Coordinator at Babson College's Executive Education group where she spent much of her time working with the corporate clients and Babson faculty to run domestic and international programs geared towards entrepreneurship and growth for businesses. Her background before that was in public education where she taught both middle school and high school social studies. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Southern Mississippi and a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Florida. She has lived along the Gulf Coast, East Coast, and is now excited to be here on the West Coast and looks forward to serving CAAP and other Silicon Valley Executive Center programs.


The CAAP program graduated another group of 22 talented students this year. Many of the students obtained jobs through CAAP connections and through recruiting events such as the Meet the Firms event (hosted by the SCU Accounting Association) in the fall.

One of the most noticeable results of this non-traditional way to achieve a thorough accounting background (in a very concentrated period of time) is the diversity of the classes. Because students must have already attained an undergraduate degree in order to be admitted, we have students of all different ages, types of previous degrees, work experience, universities, and countries represented. In the last couple of years, for example, we had applicants just starting their careers (recognizing they would like to supplement their just-attained degree in another discipline) or starting a new career in accounting after retiring from their first one (e.g., teaching and firefighting);  from Egypt, India, Philippines, Canada, Zambia, and Afghanistan; and with previous degrees (undergraduate and graduate) in economics, psychology, political science, finance, math, engineering, communications, nutritional science, criminal justice, computer science, sociology, law, molecular biology, design management, chemistry, TV and film, toxicology, travel industry management, journalism, and kinesiology. The beauty of the program is that each of these students has recognized a new interest in accounting, taken the initiative to pursue the necessary education through the CAAP program, and moved forward (incorporating their experience and insight from their previous history) to participate in the many possible career trajectories in the accounting profession.

Our alums continue to donate their time and expertise by providing information (and warnings of the upcoming workload!) to prospective students in information sessions and orientations and by providing guidance to students throughout their program as mentors (each student in the program has one). We can’t thank the alums enough as they help direct and welcome the new students into the increasing network of CAAP graduates!

Congratulations to the following CAAP graduates from this past year!

Weekend 2021-2022 Graduates:

Christian Agbayani, Rachel Chen, Evan DeBold, Vivian Dinh Nguyen, Kyra Fukawa, Melanie Girod, Yune Ho, Ava Lee, Timothy Ly, Andrew McClure, David Mendez, Sreekanth Nagireddygari, Tri Ngo, Soyoung Park, Maria Scalia, Arvind Setty, Deepti Shrivastava, Sukhjit Singh, Ellen Terry, Lawrence Tsang, Kyle Wang, Jason Yim