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Senior Dinner Collage

Senior Dinner Collage

Congratulations, Accounting Class of 2017!

Students at Senior Dinner Photo Booth

On Friday, June 8th, 2017, the Accounting Department held its 1st Annual Senior Dinner at the Adobe Lodge. Graduating seniors had the opportunity to congratulate one another on their success while enjoying a wholesome BBQ dinner and drinks. Please find photos of the event here.

The Accounting Class of 2017 includes students who graduated in the Fall 2016, Winter 2017, Spring 2017 or Summer 2017 with a major in Accounting or Accounting and Information Systems. The Accounting Department is honored to have been a part of their journey.  Below you will find a list of our distinguished graduates!

Alexander Black

James Kraus** (LS)

-Michael D'Onofrio

Alexander Iluridze

Jamie Petrucci***

-Monica Lam**

Alexander Kim

Jeffrey Moon

Monica Van*** (LS)

Alexander Young

Josalvin Susilo

Nancy Romo***

-Alexandra Arnold** (LS)

-Justin Alfonso

Nina Leff*

Amrit Bajwa

Justin Bautista**(UHP)

Paul Bond

Andrew Becker*

Justin Chan

-Prianka Singh

Andrew Meylan*

Ke Xu

-Qiuzi Lin**

-Andrew Wright*

Kelly Ann Shintaku

Rachel Frenz*

Anne Freman

Keri Tesch

Robin Gore

Arthur Siew***

Kimberly Tran*

Ryan Pham*

Arun Coumar** (LS)

-Kristi Hong**

Samuel Lee

Brandon Chew

Kyle Gionet**

-Sophia Avila*

Carolyn Harada*

Kylie Chun**

Steven Nester

Carrie Reisenauer**

Kylie Yamamoto*

-Steven Tsai

Chandler Gill

Lane Hustead**

Taylor Beatty** (LS)(UHP)

Charlene Shiao*

Langzun Li**

Thomas Deal*** (LS)(UHP)

Christine Wang

-Leonie Phoa*

Vicki Yu*

Claire Zhang*

Lindsey Gaan

Viet Doan

Clare Arbios

Madelyn Smith

-Walter Yu***

Cody Hall*

Mark Harrington

Xuan Dieu Duong

Connor Haupt

Matthew Helfond

Yuen Suhn Lee

-Connor Leahy

Matthew Kalbrosky*

Zhiwei Ng

David Hobbs

Megan Lee


*Cum Laude
**Magna Cum Laude
***Summa Cum Laude
(LS) Leavey Scholar
(UHP) University Honors Program
(- before name) A&IS Major