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Faculty Research Workshops 2016-2017

The Accounting Department continues to host our research workshops as part of our commitment to support faculty research. We invite nationally and internationally recognized scholars to present their research works at Santa Clara University. These workshops provide opportunities for SCU faculty to interact with leading-edge scholars in the field and to present their own early-stage research to solicit valuable feedback. Below is the list of research workshops during 2016-2017.




Research Topic

Jeff Chen

University of Colorado

The association between SFAS no. 157 fair value hierarchy information and conditional accounting conservatism

Jamie Zhou

Virginia Tech University

Temporal focus and analyst scrutiny: Evidence from earnings conference calls

Hyungshin Park

Southern Methodist University

Can symmetric firm-level distributions result in an asymmetric aggregate distribution?

Xinlei Li

Columbia University

Relationship lending in syndicated loans: A participant’s perspective

Ed Sul

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Takeover threats, job security concerns, and earnings management

Jenelle Conaway

Boston University

Has global financial reporting comparability improved?

Olivia Huseman

University of Iowa

Properties of management earnings forecasts following mergers and acquisitions

Amanda Badger

University of Rochester

The economic determinants of inter-temporal variation in the market’s ability to bring future earnings forward

Byung Hun Chung

University of Iowa

Do differences in national cultures affect cross-country financial statement comparability under IFRS?

Yifan Li

University of California, Irvine

Limited attention bias in intra-industry information transfers: Evidence from multi-industry segment news