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Alt text: Man with glasses smiling in a suit jacket and shirt.

Alt text: Man with glasses smiling in a suit jacket and shirt.

Professor of the Year: Chris Paisley

Chris Paisley, Dean's Executive Professor of Accounting is this year's Accounting Department Professor of the Year.

At the spring 2018 Accounting Awards banquet, the Accounting Association recognized Chris Paisley as the Accounting Professor of the Year.  This award is voted on annually by the graduating seniors in the Accounting Association, and Professor Paisley was acknowledged by Accounting Association Officer Kimmy Barclay at the event. 

In her comments, Kimmy, a former student of Professor Paisley, answered the question “What makes Professor Paisley the Professor of the Year?” by noting his extensive real-world experience, and how he worked this into his lectures, letting students know why and how what they are learning is relevant.  Kimmy also cited Professor Paisley’s dedication, noting that he teaches because of his passion, not out of necessity.  His class is well-run, she said, due to the time he has taken to prepare.  Examples include his providing students with lecture notes, descriptive PowerPoint slides, video recorded lectures and the use of company financial statements.  Additionally, Kimmy cited Professor Paisley’s willingness to help students outside of class, not just with class work, but also with career/major advice.  He is friendly and approachable, and students appreciate his willingness to connect them with Bay Area professionals whenever he can.  By regularly meeting and staying in touch with past students, he is able to have multiple students return to campus to speak about their careers with his current students, providing even more real-world value to the class. 

“I was incredibly touched to be honored with this award” said Professor Paisley.  “Student feedback is what drives me to be the best professor I can be.  Given the limited number of undergraduate classes I teach, this award was truly unexpected, and deeply appreciated.” 

During his comments at the awards banquet, Paisley noted the high caliber of the entire Accounting department at Santa Clara University, asking all professors to stand and be recognized. 

“Santa Clara students that major in Accounting are fortunate to have outstanding professors, and excellent support from the Accounting firms in the Bay Area.  I’ve found teaching here to be very enjoyable, and am grateful that the Accounting Association has acknowledged my efforts.  Thank you, so very much”. 


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