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The Certificate of Advanced Accounting Proficiency Updates

The CAAP program recently saw 110 students complete the program, launched a specialized marketing campaign, and introduced new career resources to its students for success after the completion of the program.

Our Certificate of Advanced Accounting Proficiency (CAAP) program continues to be one of the most time-effective and affordable accounting programs in the country, providing all the courses necessary to sit for the California CPA exam in 14 weeks (during the summer with classes that meet daily) or in 9 months (during the academic year program that meets on the weekends).

This year we had 110 students graduate from the summer and weekend programs. Most of our students were able to find accounting positions through a Summer CAAP Career Fair and Fall Meet the Firms Night, as well as a resume book that we send to interested firms each February.

To attract more students, this year we began holding monthly information sessions about the CAAP program. In these sessions, CAAP Program Director Toni Santillan presents a general overview of the program, while CAAP Faculty Director Suzanne Luttman discusses the academic aspects of the program and how that can matriculate to passage of the CPA exam and job opportunities. Graduates from the CAAP program also appear in each monthly session to share their experience about what taking accounting in such a condensed format is like. They demonstrate that it takes a lot of commitment and sacrifice to finish the program that quickly, but they all conclude that it was well worth the effort.

Another change this year was the introduction of a more focused advertising campaign for the program. The Leavey School of Business' head of marketing, Theresa Strickland, provided her expertise to better tailor the advertising needs of our programs to our target markets, which has resulted in a much better marketing mix to attract students to our program. You’ll still hear the ads on Pandora, but may also notice them on alternative sources and formats.

For CAAP graduates, we greatly appreciate your willingness to share your expertise about how to make it successfully through the program to new potential entrants. If you’d be willing to volunteer to talk to them at either a monthly information night or during the orientation, please let Toni know ( The students really appreciate your honest discussion of the CAAP experience, and your success stories since you’ve graduated!

If you are a potential employer of the CAAP students, contact Toni regarding your attendance at our career events.

Weekend 2018 Graduates:

Allison Marie Aggarwal, Tomomi Albert, Anthony J. Brockett, Pamela Carey Brose, Evan Henry Chan, Jiajian Chen, Yiqian Chen, Reshma Dabadi, Gagandeep K Dhindsa, Edward Holguin, Richard Jia Xi Huey, Alexander Jarrett, Dana N. Kaplan, Nicholas Kirkendall, Katy Kwong, Lukas A. Leuthold, Isabelle Luk, Brenden Lum, Mindy Ly, Holden Martin, Jonathan Jesse Martinez, Umber Masood, Christina Taeko McMichael, Carl Menache, Laura A. Moreno, Michelle Saunders Mosqueda, Omar Isam Mousa, Brenna Nakashima, Venkatesh Narayanan, ThienXuan Nguyen, Shawna Parker, Dan Kim Pham, Grzegorz Radon, Carlo Rafael, Jessica Leigh Rigby, Pedro Romero, Aaron Ruiz, Daniel Hugo Salguero, Arunima Samal, Dia Vianna L. Santos, Ravi S. Sarkaria, Meredith F. Scheck, Abhishek Shamarao, Nidhi Sharma, Sheila Shin, Kelsey Ann Smith, Megan Eileen Smith, Chakravarthy Srirangamnallan, Hunter Edward Straine, Crystal HuiChuan Su, Zhenishgul Tatybekova, Rebekah Lee Thomas, Nicolas Alexander Velichko, Alex Vu, Winnie Cham Yee Wai, Matthew Wakefield, Diana Yurchak, Alexis Williamson, Yuxiang Xiao, Nancy Yera Licon, Neil Young, Bryan Yu, Nicole A. Zima.

Summer 2018 Graduates:

Shannon J. Albert, Anthony Ivan Angeles Garcia, Karina Armstrong, Alex Aviles, Laura Best, Kyle Brereton, Evelyn H. Chu, Chelsei Cirigliano, Lauren Crom, J. Miguel DelaCruz, Florian Dewannain, Jacob Vincent Foerster, Sukhpreet K Gill, Minjung Go, Rachel Dworak, Karen Guarascio, Scott Hayes, Alexander Ho, Yentzu Hong, Christopher Matthew Hsu, Gavin Daniel Huckaby, Nandini Jain, Jinmin Kim, Bakhtiyar Kutushov, Audrey Lin-Yen Lee, Louis Ma, Yuanyuan Meng, Peter Nawn, Charley Noh, Tessa O'Callahan, Yvonne Oseberg-Finney, Ashley S. Palma, Prena K. Patel, Tyler Phan, Maya Prager, Dason Quan, Dennis James Roberts, Dan Situ, Anthony Bennett Stritch, Joshua Tarillion, Emily Thang, Tommy Trang, Felice Tsai, Zhihua Xiao, Yuzhu Zhang, Qian Zheng, Anna Zyla.


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