Professors Vikram Bhargava and Hoje Jo

Professors Vikram Bhargava and Hoje Jo

Vikram Bhargava and Hoje Jo : Hackworth Grant Recipients

Assistant Professor of Management Vikram Bhargava and Professor of Finance Hoje Jo were recently awarded Hackworth Grants by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.

Bhargava will use the grant to support his research project titled “The Role of Off-Duty Laudatory Conduct in Employment Decisions.” Bhargava’s project entails considering the proper business response to the good conduct of employees while not on the job.




Jo will use the grant to fund his “Pray Local and Act Global: Religiosity and Human Rights” project. Through this project, Jo will examine the relationship between community religiosity and a firm’s human rights initiatives in order to ascertain whether and how religion might influence these programs.



The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University awards Hackworth Grants twice during the academic school year, once in the fall and again in spring. These grants support projects that incorporate an ethical aspect and are awarded to faculty and staff at Santa Clara University.

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