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Ignite Internship, Jesuit Spiritual Center

Ignite Internship
Ignite Internship
Ignite, Jesuit Spiritual Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

Contact: Eric Nichols, Director of Youth Ministry, IT

The Ignite Internship is a year-long ministerial immersion experience. Members of the Ignite Internship live in community on the grounds of the Center for the year in our historic Rock House. Through their work as members of the Youth Ministry team, they help provide around 75 retreats for over 6,000 students. During the course of the program, interns are given the opportunity to discern committing to a second year. In addition to professional development, interns also receive spiritual formation in the Ignatian Tradition. 

Ignite Internship | Discover Your Calling

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The experience of serving as a youth ministry intern during a volunteer year at the Jesuit Spiritual Center not only prepared me for getting the most out of my M.Div., but it also steeped me in mentorship and formation that I have shared with student leaders at SCU throughout my career. This is a great program!

Julia Claire Santos, JST M.Div. '06   Associate Director of Campus Ministry