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Mission and Core Values

Mission Statement

The de Saisset Museum supports Santa Clara University's goal of educating the whole person through a diverse and accessible range of exhibitions, collections, and educational programs that highlight the art and history of the San Francisco Bay Area and the local Santa Clara Valley. As a center of lifelong learning, the de Saisset Museum facilitates discovery, experience, and inspiration through engaging objects of art and history.

Core Values

  • The Museum will present exhibitions that highlight the diversity of our community (in age, gender, and ethnicity), feature a variety of media, offer a diverse representation of topics and viewpoints, showcase the work of recognized and under-recognized or under-appreciated artists, address issues of contemporary society, and highlight the strengths of our permanent collection.
  • The Museum will continue the development, management, and preservation of the permanent collection, thereby creating an artistic and historic legacy for the community.
  • The Museum will engage in University departmental collaborations, expanding the environment that fosters the integration of different forms of learning as well as the Jesuit ideals of reasoned and rigorous inquiry.
  • The Museum will provide a welcoming and service-oriented atmosphere that encourages participation by diverse audiences.
  • The Museum will nurture a sense of pride and ownership among its principals, including the University, advisory board, staff, members, donors, volunteers, and visitors.