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Claudia Rodriguez-Mojica

Claudia Rodriguez-Mojica HS 2017
Claudia Rodriguez-Mojica
Associate Professor, Education and Bilingual Teacher Education Coordinator

Dr. Rodriguez-Mojica has been working to improve the academic outcomes of Emergent Bilinguals for more than 10 years. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, she participated in the California Mini-Corps program where she served as a teaching-assistant in schools with large numbers of migrant students. Dr. Rodriguez-Mojica earned her Bachelor's degree in Human Development from UC Davis and a Teaching Credential from CSU Sacramento with a bilingual authorization (formerly known as BCLAD).

After teaching 1st and 3rd grade in Two Way Immersion schools in Winters and East San Jose, Dr. Rodriguez-Mojica attended Stanford University where she earned a Master's in Linguistics and a Ph.D. in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education. While at Stanford University, Dr. Rodriguez-Mojica worked as a research assistant in the Classroom Qualities for English Language Learners (CQELL) protocol and English learner reclassification research. Her current research focuses on Emergent Bilinguals' use of English to accomplish academic tasks, teachers conceptions of English language proficiency and English language development instruction.

Dr. Rodriguez-Mojica has presented her research at regional and national conferences, including American Educational Research Association (AERA), Oregon Association for Bilingual Education (OABE), National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and Oregon's State English Learners Alliance Conference.

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