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Gerald Gonzales, PhD

Gerald Gonzales
Gerald Gonzales
Gerald Gonzales, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist dedicated to teaching his students the values of intentionality, competence, and cultural humility in clinical practice. With a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Oregon, Gerald has honed his mental health expertise through clinical practice, healthcare leadership, and transformative patient care initiatives.

As a former clinic director, training director, and child & family psychologist at Kaiser Permanente, Gerald didn't just manage operations and provide services; he brought a unique and innovative approach to mental health care. Even amidst the challenges of a global pandemic, he spearheaded transformative initiatives, showcasing his compassionate leadership and inspiring others to tap into their creative solutions.

As an adjunct faculty, Gerald aspires to make a lasting impact on graduate-level learning. He skillfully integrates theory and practice to create collaborative learning environments. His commitment extends beyond the classroom, as he has conducted numerous training programs and workshops to enhance therapeutic skills and raise awareness about mental health in the community.

Outside academia, Gerald is deeply engaged in service scholarship, community outreach, and professional affiliations, reflecting his commitment to positively impacting people's lives within and beyond the university community. 
Gerald is a double Bronco—he has a BS in Finance and an MA in Counseling Psychology. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, reading, and golfing.
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