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Semilla Teacher Fellowship

SEMILLA Teacher Fellowship

Candidates selected for this special Fellowship share a deep commitment to social justice and are aware of the difference in students’ lives, their families, their schools, and their communities that a highly qualified teacher can make.  

Once admitted to the MATTC program, candidates interested in living their values and commitment to social justice, racial equity, and respect for diversity in high-needs public schools can apply to the SEMILLA Teacher Fellowship that grants a 50% tuition discount. The selected candidates:

  • Agree to successfully complete the MATTC program and be awarded a preliminary teaching credential from the State of California
  • Agree to teach for two years post-degree/post-preliminary credential in a High-Need School that is predominantly comprised of an underserved Latina/o student population, within four years of completing the MATTC program
  • Agree to provide 30-hours of community service at the East San Jose campus during the time of enrollment in MATTC
  • Agree to successfully complete a minimum of 18 units at the East San Jose campus (courses to be determined)

At our East San José campus, SEMILLA Teacher Fellows can join a vibrant community that includes The Foundation for Hispanic Education and its charter high schools co-located there: Latino College Preparatory AcademyRoberto Cruz Leadership Academy, as well as the Voices Mount Pleasant College-Bound Language Academies (elementary). 

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"Teaching on the East Side campus is a privilege and complete delight. For me personally, it is an opportunity to give back to the community that raised me. Partnering with East Side schools allows us all to gain a more profound understanding as to the critical needs in the classrooms of historically marginalized communities. Such understanding, if pursued with hearty con cariño (deep care) has the potential to ignite in future teachers an understanding and urgent need for transformative pedagogies that are culturally responsive and relevant"