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Department ofCivil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering


The Simulation and Design Laboratory maintains Windows-based personal computers (PCs) that are used in course assignments and design projects. Commercial software packages in all the major areas of civil engineering are available on the systems with user documentation available to students.

The Concrete Testing Laboratory contains facilities for mixing, casting, curing, and testing concrete cylinders and constructing reinforced-concrete test specimens.

The Environmental Laboratory is equipped with instrumentation needed for basic chemical and biological characterization of water, wastewater, and air samples as well as several pilot-scale treatment systems.

The Geology Laboratory is equipped with extensive rock and mineral samples as well as topographic, geologic, and soil maps.

The Hydraulics Laboratory is shared with the Department of Mechanical Engineering and contains a tilting flume that can be fitted with various open-channel fixtures.

The Soil Mechanics Laboratory contains equipment for testing soils in shear, consolidation, and compaction; equipment for other physical and chemical tests; field testing and sampling equipment; and a complete cyclic triaxial testing system with computer controls used for both research and instructional purposes.

The offsite Structural Laboratory Annex is a high-bay test facility equipped with a closed-loop hydraulic system, modern data acquisition and control system, dedicated frames for beam and columns tests, and instrumentation for displacement, pressure, strain, temperature, and acceleration measurements. The Annex has the capability to test unique building components that incorporate walls/frames and floor systems with heights up to 8.0 meters.

The Surveying Laboratory has a wide variety of equipment including automatic levels, digital theodolites, total stations, and GPS-based surveying instruments available for instructional purposes.

The Traffic Laboratory has electronic volume counters that are used in studies to classify vehicles and measure their speeds in user-specified ranges and periods of time. This equipment is used for instructional and research purposes. The lab also has computers equipped with large scale traffic simulation software and signal design software. Undergraduate and graduate students use the laboratory as an integral part of their transportation and traffic engineering coursework and examine different traffic management strategies for their capstone design projects.

The Structures and Materials Testing Laboratory is equipped with three universal testing machines and an interim high-bay structural test system. These machines/systems are used for testing a variety of construction materials and assemblies under quasi-static and pseudo-dynamic loading. Complementing this equipment are a series of digital and analog instruments, and high-speed data acquisition and control systems.

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