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Peterson Middle School, Osborne Nature Center

Peterson Middle School has a two-acre on-site Nature Center, which serves as a rich educational resource for all students in its district.  The Nature Center was developed by two science teachers to enhance science education during a period of educational budget cuts.  The Nature Center has been influential in teaching students about nature and environmental science through field trips and a highly interactive website.  Over the past five years, SCU engineering students have worked on over 10 projects that have enhanced the educational resources available on the Nature Center website. 


    • Turtle Webcam (ENGR 110, Spring 2010)

      This project involved the consolidation of data and information from several webpages into a more organized form accessible from a single web page...

      • Bluebird Home Video

        Students used the structure from a previously built birdhouse, and attached a new roof with a camera inside...