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Local Projects

Students testing the Halo Dog Training Door Tug Prototype

Students testing the Halo Dog Training Door Tug Prototype


  • Left: Code for the Raspberry Pi  Right: Arduino with black, red, and while wires leading to load cells for testing the readings during prototyping on a brown table.
    HiveMinded Beehive Scale: Software

    Students created a proof of concept beehive scale that would accurately measure the weight of the hive and transmit this data via Bluetooth to a website which would display the weight over time. Read more.

  • Arduino with black, red, and while wires leading to load cells for testing the readings during prototyping on a brown table.
    Forge Garden Scale (Hardware)
    Students partnered with master beekeeper Phillip Krieg, owner of HiveMind in creating a hive monitoring system. This system would help beekeepers maintain successful hives and rebuild the honey bee population. Read more.
  • entrance to the California Native Garden Foundation
    Grey Water System
    The California Native Garden Foundation needed an educational tool for use of all ages in the Silicon Valley to teach about reusable water systems and plant habitats to reinforce methods that combat the effects of climate change and promote sustainability. Read more.
  • Screen shots of various screen of the mobile app. From the login screen, picture of food item, location of items, and a screen for posting food that is available.
    Extra Eats
    To address the national issue of food insecurity on campus, yet students being incredibly wasteful as well. The students want to promote sustainability, reduce food waste, and mitigate food insecurity. The solution was to create an iPhone/Android app that provides the SCU community with leftover food from catered events on campus; send out notifications. Read more.
  • Control Panel of a box. Top left is two circular nobs, with a clear row of lights below it. In the top right is another circular nob that is black. In the middle of the board is a small rectangular LCD screen where right below it is a keypad
    ENGR1L Interactive Sensor Box

    Students built an Interactive Sensor Box to teach ENGR1 students about different sensors that they do not learn about in ENGR1L. This Sensor Box was build using a ping sensor with LEDs, solenoids with SPDT switch, stepper motor with a potentiometer, a motion sensor with neo-pixel, temperature sensor, a joystick, an LCD screen, and a keypad. It works by pushing a number, from 1 to 6, with each number interacting with a designated sensor. Push asterisk (*) to go back to the main menu, and repeat the process. Read more.


  • Kendal's Bees Automatic Bee Door Design
    Automatic Bee Door

    The students looked to provide Kendal's Bees with the flexibility of controlling the hives through a device or with timed opening/ closing capabilities. Read more.

  • The Kid's on Campus designed a shade structure
    Shade Structure

    The students designed a durable, cost-effective, safe, and aesthetically pleasing shade structure for Kids on Campus educational daycare facility. Read more.

  • Photograph of the food camera
    Food Cam

    To minimize food waste at Santa Clara University, the team partnered with SCU's Center of Sustainability to create an idea called “SnapFood”. Read more.

  • Biogas Digester Prototype
    Biogas Digester Prototype

    The SCU Forge Garden called for a product that will exhibit sustainable cooking technology for its sustainability kitchen. Read more.


  • Solar Powered Live Stream
    Solar Powered Live Stream

    The team provided Kendal’s Bees with a power source for an in-hive camera located at the Redwood City Public Library. Read more.

  • Off-Grid Living design
    Off-Grid Living

    Students partnered with Scott Hanson to build a Greenhouse system that connects technology used to monitor food conditions. Read more.

  • Biogas Digester
    Biogas Digester

    The team investigated the best combination of organic matter to put into the biogas digester at the Forge Garden. Read more.


  • image of the weather station project and its descriptions
    Weather Station

    The team worked with the Bronco Urban Gardens to design, construct, and install a weather station at Gardner Academy. Read more.

  • image of the beehive live stream and the compartment holding the bees
    Live Stream Camera

    The project team designed and implemented a live streaming system monitoring the inside of a beehive for Kendal's Bees. Read more.

  • Updated Water Collection System
    Updated Water Collection System

    The students updated Forge Garden's water collection system by increasing storage capacity and collection speed. Read more.

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