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Local Projects

Students testing the Halo Dog Training Door Tug Prototype

Students testing the Halo Dog Training Door Tug Prototype

2017-2018 Projects

Automatic Bee Door

The students looked to provide Kendal's Bees with the flexibility of controlling the hives through a device or with timed opening/ closing capabilities.

Shade Structure

The students designed a durable, cost effective, safe, and aesthetically pleasing shade structure for Kids on Campus educational day care facility.


The students' project objective was to create an innovative, cost-effective design of a stadiometer for the Pediatric Wellness Group.

Food Cam

To minimize food waste at Santa Clara University, the team partnered with SCU's Center of Sustainability to create an idea called “SnapFood”.

Biogas Digester Prototype

The SCU Forge Garden called for a product that will exhibit sustainable cooking technology for their sustainability kitchen.

Solar Powered Live Stream

The team provided Kendal’s Bees with a power source for an in-hive camera located at the Redwood City Public Library.

Little Free Library

The students created a Little Free Library for Rocketship Mosaic Elementary and the surrounding community.

Off-Grid Living

Students partnered with Scott Hanson to build a Greenhouse system that connects technology used to monitor food conditions.

Energy Dashboard

The team added interactive features on the Center of Sustainability's energy dashboard to increase student engagement.

Biogas Digester

The team investigated the best combination of organic matter to put into the biogas digester at the Forge Garden.

Weather Station

The team worked with the Bronco Urban Gardens to design, construct, and install a weather station at Gardner Academy.

Live Stream Camera

The project team designed and implemented a live streaming system monitoring the inside of a beehive for Kendal's Bees.

Rainwater Harvesting System

The students designed a gutter system for Rocketship Mosaic Elementary School to harvest rainwater.

Updated Water Collection System

The students updated Forge Garden's water collection system by increasing storage capacity and collection speed.

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