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Santa Clara University

Immigration Check-In

Welcome to Santa Clara University’s global community! This page will help you complete the immigration check-in process. This important activity will notify the International Students & Scholars team (or ISS) that you have officially arrived and that your official SEVIS immigration record is ready to be activated. Immigration check-in is for students who have recently entered the U.S in F-1 or J-1 status, or for students who are in F-1 status transferring their immigration record from another U.S. school, college or university. If you have a pending change of status application, you will not complete immigration check-in until the change of status application has been approved!

Immigration Check-in Steps

  1. Update eCampus
  2. Download your most recent I-94
  3. Submit your Immigration Check-In Confirmation.

1. Update eCampus

We use information in eCampus to update your official SEVIS immigration record. It's very important that you update eCampus properly and keep eCampus up-to-date at all times. eCampus is a very detailed system with several tricky steps. Please watch the video below to learn how to update eCampus for your immigration check-in.



eCampus Field Instruction
Permanent Address This should be the U.S. residential address where you physically reside (in other words, this is where you sleep at night)!
Foreign Address This should be a stable address outside the U.S. (typically a family or close friend's address).
Mailing Address This is not required, but can be used if you want SCU to send mail to a U.S. address that is different than where you live.
Mobile Phone  This should be your U.S. based mobile phone. This should also be checked as your "preferred" phone number.
Perm/Home Phone This should be a non-U.S. ("foreign") phone number. If you do not maintain an international phone number, this can be the phone number of a family member or friend.
Campus Email This will be automatically populated with your email address. This is how the ISS team will reach you while you're enrolled in classes at SCU.
Home Email This should be an email address (preferably not an account) that you regularly check. This is how the ISS team will reach you after you graduate.  This should also be checked as your "preferred" email address.

(includes “off-campus” property owned by Santa Clara University)

Address 1:  500 El Camino Real  (Street number, Street name, and Apartment number)

Address 2:  Swig Hall #123  (Residence Hall name and room number)

Address 3  (leave blank):   

City: Santa Clara         

State: CA   

Postal: 95053

County (leave blank):  

Address 1: 1050 Benton St Apt 186   (Street number, Street name, and Apartment number)     

Address 2 and Address 3 (leave blank):

City: Santa Clara               

State: CA       

Postal: 95050

County (leave blank):

Do not add any extra marks (commas, periods, # signs).

Do not add the name of your apartment building (Domocilio, Park Central etc).

2. Download Your Most Recent I-94

You can download your I-94 (which is the U.S. Custom's and Border Protection record of your arrival in the U.S.) at any time by going to:

Once on this page, select "Get Most Recent I-94". You will need to accept the privacy notice and then will be prompted to enter your biographical information (name, date of birth, passport number, passport country). Once you do this, you will select "Next" and your I-94 will appear. 

Here are some tips for retrieving your I-94:

  • For students who have more than one passport, be sure to enter the number from the passport you used to enter the U.S. most recently (which may not be the passport with your visa).
  • If you are not able to retrieve your I-94, the record may be under another name or passport number. Please save a screenshot of the I-94 error page and our team will assist you.
  • We do not need a copy of your "travel history" page, just your I-94.
  • You can and should download a copy of your I-94 each time you enter the U.S.

3. Submit your Immigration Check-In Confirmation

Once you have completed the above steps, you should submit your Immigration Check-In Confirmation. To submit this confirmation you will be asked to upload a copy of your most recent I-94 and a copy of your visa stamp.

Here are some tips for submitting your confirmation:

  • Before uploading the required documents, please make sure the file names are Last Name First Name Document (for example, Bonnel Sarah I-94)
  • If you cannot retrieve a copy of your I-94, please upload a screenshot of the I-94 error page.
  • You must upload the copy of your visa stamp even if your visa is expired.
  • If you are Canadian and do not have a visa stamp, you can upload the biographical page of your passport instead.

Congratulations, you have completed Immigration Check-in!