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Health and Accidental Insurance

Participants in SCU Study Abroad will be covered by two types of health/accident insurance: 

  1. Blanket medical insurance for abroad -  This will be provided by the Program Provider-specific health insurance OR GeoBlue, depending on the student’s study abroad program.*
  2. SCU accident/incident benefit plan - The Chubb emergency plan is provided to all students and staff participating in SCU programs.

*Students going on the US: Washington, DC/American University programs will use their Student Health Insurance or personal insurance in place of the abroad medical insurance

Additional Insurance Requirements

In addition to the SCU Study Abroad Insurance coverage, students may be required to enroll in supplemental types of insurance. Please note that any costs related to these additional insurance plans are not included in the SCU Study Abroad Program fees. 

  • Student Health Insurance Plans
    • Santa Clara University requires all degree-seeking students enrolled at least half-time to have health insurance. This includes students enrolled in SCU Study Abroad. 
    • Each year, students are automatically enrolled in the university-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), but can waive enrollment if they can provide proof of other U.S. insurance coverage comparable to an Affordable Care Act-compliant plan. The cost of the university sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan is not covered in student’s tuition or SCU Study Abroad Program Fees; the charge will show up as a separate item on your student account. To waive enrollment, a new waiver must be submitted each academic year.
    • Click here for waiver and enrollment forms, as well as additional information from Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk.
    • The SHIP covers U.S.-based students when they are away from SCU. Within the U.S., students will get the best benefits if they go to a provider contracted with the SHIP. While studying or traveling abroad, students will have to pay out-of-pocket for services but may submit a reimbursement claim upon their return to the U.S. Covered expenses will be reimbursed on an out-of-network basis. When submitting a claim for medical services purchased abroad, students must include an itemized bill in English (translated if needed). International students enrolled in the SHIP are covered as noted above while studying or traveling abroad, but not when they are in their home country.
    • See the Student Health Insurance Plan page to find contracted providers, claim forms, and more coverage information.
    • If you have any questions, students can call the Cowell Center’s Student Health Insurance Coordinator at (408) 554-2379. If you are currently enrolled in the SHIP, you may also contact Anthem Student Advantage at (800) 888-2108.
  • Host Country Insurance
    • Some countries require all residents, including visiting students, to be enrolled in a national healthcare system. 
    • Program providers and host institutions will provide information regarding this type of insurance, along with enrollment instructions and related fees, if applicable. 
    • National healthcare abroad cannot be waived by SCU or program providers.

Program Provider-Specific Health Insurance

For specific health insurance coverage and benefit details, SCU Study Abroad encourages students to reach out to their program provider directly. 

GeoBlue Travel Health Insurance

GeoBlue Global Health Insurance is provided to SCU Global Exploration and SCU Direct Enroll/Exchange participants by SCU Study Abroad to ensure quality overseas health coverage for participants. It helps you manage existing and unanticipated health conditions while you are abroad. It includes coverage for office visits, hospital care, surgery, and prescription drugs. GeoBlue does not cover preventative health care, so get your annual check-up before you leave the US.

You will be provided with a GeoBlue insurance card that you should carry with you at all times while you are abroad.

GeoBlue was designed with travelers in mind: 

  • Established network of English-speaking, Western-trained physicians in over 180 countries. 
  • Coverage for care from physicians outside of their network. 
  • GeoBlue may pay for your expenses so that you do not have to pay out-of-pocket.
  • GeoBlue has a smartphone app that can help you search for physicians, schedule appointments on short notice, and translate medical terms.
  • You can plan ahead for existing physical and mental conditions, using GeoBlue’s database to search for specialists in the location you are visiting.

If you are in an emergency, always seek the nearest available help. 

You are not required to contact GeoBlue before receiving treatment, but if the situation allows it, it can be helpful. If you are planning to see a physician or seek services from a facility not within the GeoBlue network and you communicate with GeoBlue before your appointment, GeoBlue may be able to pay for the services directly. Otherwise, you may have to pay upfront and then get reimbursed by submitting a claim form.

Students participating in a Non-Approved Program

You are responsible for securing medical insurance on your own. If you have private medical insurance, check your coverage for foreign travel – consider purchasing insurance that is specifically designed for travel, whether by GeoBlue or other reputable providers. Also, consider whether or not insurance is included through your program provider.

Incoming Exchange students on J-1 visa

J-1 visa students will be automatically enrolled into the SHIP regardless of the number of units, and are NOT eligible to waive enrollment.