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Policy 101 - Staff Policies

101. Staff Policies


The Santa Clara University Staff Policy Manual is designed to provide a clear statement of the University’s Human Resources philosophy. The policies contained in this Manual are in keeping with the purpose and guiding principles of the University. These policies should be used to inform and guide day-to-day human resources decisions. However, these policies are not intended to substitute for informed management decisions guided by these policies. The Staff Policy Manual is designed to be the primary reference document for communicating and interpreting human resources policies, programs, and procedures to people at Santa Clara University. The Manual contains the sole and entire authorized University representation to any and all staff member(s) as to continuity and termination of employment, and as to the other terms and conditions of employment referenced in the Manual except for those conditions that apply to staff subject to a collective bargaining agreement or employed as Academic Staff. Separate electronic updates, memoranda or pamphlets with respect to the operation or administration of human resources related functions and programs may be distributed to augment the provisions of this Manual.

Ordinarily, changes to the Policy Manual will occur through the University governance channels which includes open discussion and review prior to adoption. However, in order to retain the necessary flexibility in the administration of its employment policies and procedures, the University reserves the right to add to, to delete from, to change or otherwise revise policies contained within this Manual with or without prior notice to employees whenever the University determines such action is warranted (e.g., in order to comply with regulations governing employment.) Additionally, the Manual may be updated periodically to reflect changes in University policy as well as changes in federal or state law. No provisions in this Manual, or in separate memoranda or pamphlets are, or should be construed as, an implied or express contract of employment, except that all staff employees understand and accept that policies contained in this Manual are the sole and exclusive method for resolution of issues and claims raised by a staff member concerning an adverse employment decision or action, including but not limited to, termination or layoff, and which may involve the application or interpretation of the Policy Manual.

Some of these policies are University policies which may also apply to faculty and students as well as to staff employees. Under the existing provisions of the Faculty Handbook, personnel policies governing faculty are subject to approval by the Faculty Senate and the Board of Trustees. Questions regarding the applicability of any of the policies in this Manual to faculty should be directed to the Office of the Provost. Similarly, staff employees subject to a collective bargaining agreement, and academic staff should refer to the provisions of the applicable contract and/or documents which may supersede the policies in this Manual. Students employed by the University whose employment is secondary to their education are not governed by this policy manual and should refer to the appropriate student employment policies.

This Manual is published and maintained as a guide for supervisors, managers, and employees in order that human resources matters can be handled timely and equitably. An effort has been made to recognize the differences present in the various areas of the University; however, these policies were developed by focusing on the responsibilities our one organization has in common. If an area of the University wishes to issue its own memoranda or other statements related to Human Resources policies, they must be consistent with this Manual and approved by the chief Human Resources officer. This Manual supersedes all inconsistent memoranda and statements as well as prior personnel policies and procedures, except collective bargaining agreements and academic staff documents. Nothing in this Manual is considered confidential. It should be made available to and used for reference by anyone at the University upon request.

A copy of Santa Clara University’s Staff Policy Manual is to be maintained in every department, location, center or major organizational entity of the University. The master and official edition of the Policy Manual will be maintained by the University Human Resources Department for access by all employees. In addition, access to the Policy Manual will be available on the University’s Home Page.


These policies give supervisors and managers the ability to make decisions within a framework that reflects the University’s purpose and principles and promotes consistency and equity. With decision making comes responsibility. In each policy there is a statement of philosophy within which related decisions are to be made by those charged with responsibility. Note that many of the policies emphasize the two-way responsibility of the supervisor and employee.


Ideas, recommendations, or suggested changes can be directed in writing to any member of the Staff Affairs Committee or Human Resources. Questions and suggestions concerning the applicability and administration of the policies in this Manual should be discussed with the chief Human Resources officer who is solely responsible for the development, distribution, and authorized University interpretation of these policies.

Policy Approved: October 23, 1998

Last Updated: February 24, 2005 

Last Reviewed: June 30 2022

Maintainer: Human Resources

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