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Policy 102 - Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

102. Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

Santa Clara University is dedicated to:

Santa Clara University seeks to achieve these ideals in many ways, including an environment free from discrimination. Recognizing that non discrimination and equal opportunity are legally, morally, and socially enriching, Santa Clara is committed to policies and programs that promote equal opportunity and affirmative action for each of our employees and students. The University is committed to implementing an affirmative action plan and to providing programs that strive to fulfill the ideals of the Statement of Purpose.


Recruitment, hiring, placement, transfer, and promotion of employees, and recruitment and retention of and participation in programs by students will be based on qualifications and performance and not on the basis of race, color, national and/or ethnic origin, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, religion, veteran's status or age.

These factors also will not affect the manner in which the University administers personnel policies, programs, and activities such as compensation, promotions, terminations, benefits, training, and recreation programs. Nor will they affect the manner in which the University administers student-related policies, programs, and activities such as admissions, extracurricular, and recreational programs. Reasonable accommodations will be made to facilitate the participation of qualified individuals with disabilities in all such programs or activities.

Additionally, the University will use good faith efforts to achieve ethnic and gender diversity throughout the workforce. The University emphasizes recruitment of women in non-traditional roles, minority group members, Vietnam era veterans and Jesuits. To achieve its mission, the University strives to develop a community that is appropriately representative of the diversity of society. This commitment to affirmative action evidences the University's fundamental tenets and its dedication to an ongoing process of change and renewal.


To achieve the goals of the nondiscrimination policy, each member of the University community must understand and accept responsibility both for fulfilling the ideals of the Statement of Purpose and for contributing to achieving policy results. Vice presidents within their areas, together with vice provosts, deans, program chairs, directors, managers, and supervisors, are each responsible for ensuring progress on the ideal of building a diverse, nondiscriminatory community and initiating creative actions to increase diversity. Deans for faculty, the Vice Provost of Student Affairs for student employees, and the chief Human Resources officer for staff are responsible for monitoring implementation of this policy; the Director of Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator is responsible for inquiries regarding federal and state laws as well as filing reports required by federal and state law.


Inquiries regarding equal opportunity policies, the filing of grievances, or requests for a copy of the grievance procedures should be directed to:                                                             

Jenna Elliott, Interim Director of Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator
Santa Clara University | Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX
Mailing Address: 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95053
Office Location: Loyola Hall, Suite 140, 425 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95053 
Direct Line: 408-551-3521 
Main Office Line: 408-551-3043 
Direct Email: 
For general inquiries by email: 

Policy Approved: October 23, 1998

Last Updated: September 1, 2020

Last Reviewed: June 30 2022

Maintainer: Human Resources

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