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Policy 215 - Meal and Rest Periods

215. Meal and Rest Periods


Employees who work more than five hours per day are provided with an unpaid meal period. Employees who work more than ten hours per day are provided with a second unpaid meal period. Individual departments set the length of meal periods. Meal periods are typically 60 minutes, but in no circumstances may meal periods be less than 30 minutes.

In limited circumstances, and in accordance with state law, a meal period may be waived depending on the total number of hours worked, the position held, supervisor and Human Resources approval. Please contact the Department of Human Resources for more information on meal period waivers.

Employees are provided a paid rest period for each four hours worked or major fraction thereof. In a typical eight-hour work day employees are provided with two paid rest periods. Rest periods are typically 15 minutes each, but in no event can they be less than 10 minutes each.


Use of Meal and Rest Periods

Non-exempt employees may not skip meal or rest periods in order to shorten the work day, or to earn extra paid leave. Meal and rest periods may not be saved for later use, accumulated, combined with meal periods, used at the end of the day to leave early, or used to compute additional pay.


Rest period practices may be set by individual departments, within the framework of this policy, and must be communicated to affected employees.


Departments are responsible for administering the University’s policy on meal and rest periods following the procedures outlined above. Employees are responsible for complying with the policy.


Contact the Department of Human Resources if you have questions about this policy or if you would like more information.


Policy Approved: October 23, 1998

Last Updated: May 2019

Last Reviewed: June 30 2022

Maintainer: Human Resources

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