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Policy 606 - Flexible Benefits

606. Flexible Benefits


Santa Clara University offers eligible employees a flexible benefits program. Under this program eligible health care premiums, as defined by the plan document, will automatically be taken from an employee's pay check on a pre-tax basis, unless the employee has designated these premiums be taken on an after-tax basis. In addition, an employee can establish a Flexible Spending account to tax shelter eligible medical and/or dependent care expenses. This plan is governed by Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Service Tax Code.



Please refer to Health Care Benefits (602) for eligibility information.


Employees who do not wish to have premiums deducted on a pre-tax basis must sign a waiver form available in Human Resources. If an employee wishes to establish a flexible spending account, it is his/her responsibility to enroll either during the initial enrollment period (within 31 calendar days of the date of hire) or during the benefits open enrollment period. It is the responsibility of Human Resources to insure that the proper payroll deductions are made.


Please refer to the Comprehensive Benefits Guide (on the HR web site) for additional information. Contact Human Resources for more information on this policy.

Policy Approved: October 23, 1998

Last Updated: October 28, 1998

Last Reviewed: June 30 2022

Maintainer: Human Resources

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