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Policy 701 - Injury on the Job

701. Injury on the Job


Employees of Santa Clara University may be eligible for coverage of medical expenses and loss of income resulting from work-related accidents.

The University strives to provide a safe work environment for all employees. In the event of work-related acccident or occupational disease, employees may be eligible for coverage of medical expenses and loss of income in accordance with he Worker’s Compensation Act.



An individual should immediately notify his/her supervisor of all work-related accidents.

The supervisor must complete a Report of Injury and submit it to Human Resources within a reasonable time after the incident. The supervisor must give the injured worker a Claim for Worker’s Compensation Benefits form within 24 hours of supervisor's knowledge of the injury, if medical attention is required.

If the nature of the injury is serious, or life or limb threatening, the injured worker or supervisor should contact Emergency Services (911) and Public Safety for transportation to the nearest hospital emergency room for treatment. All follow-up care will be provided by the Santa Clara University designated occupational clinic.

If the nature of the injury is minor, yet requires medical attention, the injured worker should contact Human Resources to arrange treatment through the Santa Clara University designated occupational clinic. If necessary, the individual may be transported by the Public Safety Department.

Absence from Work

An injured worker who is deemed unable to work, by the treating physician, must keep his/her supervisor informed of changes in his/her status within a reasonable time. A release to return to work, from the treating physician, must be provided to the supervisor within a reasonable time prior to returning to work. The release must include the capacity in which the individual can return to work.

Continuation of Salary and Benefits

An injured worker who is unable to work will receive disability benefits to which he/she is entitled under California's Worker's Compensation law. He/she may elect to use accrued sick and vacation leave during this period. All paid leave will be integrated, to the injured worker’s normal net pay, with the worker’s compensation payment. Therefore, if the injured worker is subsequently paid for these days by the worker’s compensation insurance carrier, he/she will pay back the difference between the amount of the worker’s compensation payment and the normal net pay. Thereafter, the equivalent leave charged will be restored.

Coordination with Family and Medical Leave Policy

Disability leave that qualifies under worker’s compensation will be applied to the individual's annual Family Medical Leave entitlement.

Termination of Employment

An individual covered by worker's compensation may be terminated upon the attainment of permanent and stationary status. Reasonable accommodation to enable the injured worker to return to work will be considered when appropriate. Change in employment status or termination of an employee receiving worker's compensation benefits must be reviewed with Human Resources. Any termination decision must be in accordance with applicable federal, state or local law.


It is the responsibility of each individual to report any injury on the job or occupational disease to his or her supervisor. If the injured worker is unable to work, he/she must follow all the reporting provisions of the policy and keep the supervisor informed of his or her status. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to provide the necessary claim forms to the injured worker and to ensure the incident is reported to Human Resources. It is also the responsibility of the supervisor in conjunction with the Facilities Department and Campus Safety to ensure a safe working environment.


Questions concerning injury reporting or the length of an employee's absence should be directed to Human Resources. Questions concerning payment or the status of the worker’s compensation claim should be directed, by the injured worker, to the University's worker's compensation insurance carrier. Questions concerning termination of employment or other changes in the injured worker's status should be directed to Human Resources. Issues surrounding unsafe working conditions should be directed to the Supervisor, Campus Safety, Facilities and/or the University Safety Committee.

Policy Approved: October 23, 1998

Last Updated: January 7, 2016

Last Reviewed: June 30 2022

Maintainer: Human Resources

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